Spend Management

CCC is uniquely positioned to help organizations with it’s strategic cost optimization efforts through structured and consultative transformation frameworks which are enabled by its trained people, best-in-class processes and global experience. We help customers by improving the effectiveness of their Supply chain operations, strategic sourcing processes, transformation expansion programs and operational efficiency.


Business leaders, faced with economic challenges such as recessionary markets, mergers and acquisitions, and dynamic regulatory requirements on one hand and the need to expand /capture new revenue streams with optimized costs are evaluating their end to end business operations to drive effectiveness of every dollar being spent.


In such a scenario, an integrated transformation approach across all the value chain functions can be a strategic game-changer that provides business architecture for long term competitive operational advantage and delivers significant bottom line savings.


Our Spend Management Serviceshelps customers streamline and optimize supply chain, Sourcing and Procurement, Program management and Application enablement costs i.e. total business operations costs including OPEX and SG&A


We work with organizations to deliver Spend Management Services and drive value and cost savingsby improving the overall effectiveness through consultative transformational interventions related to Sourcing and Procurement, Supply chain, Business program managementand Application enablement Operations.





CCC provides its services through defined operating verticals to cater to each of the value chain area i.e.


  • Sourcing and procurement Services to support an organization’s Supplier facing, Category management and Goods/ Services acquisition processes
  • Supply Chain services to support the organizations Planning, Logistics, Operations and Distribution related processes and
  • Program Management to support the organization’s need to drive Business programs, network and infrastructure expansion and Performance analytics.
  • Apps and Cloud Services
  • Sourcing and procurement Services to support organization’s need to deploy cost effective and enabling technology applications and Cloud based solutions


For each of the operating verticals, a structure and comprehensive offering and solution portfolio has been created based on the synthesis of CCC experience and knowledge from driving similar sized programs and projects for diverse clients.


Through these operating verticals and the offering portfolio, Aegis deliver tangible outcomes


  • Improve and enhance Customer / Stakeholder Experience
  • Deliver Service Level Excellence
  • Optimize Costs
  • Deliver process efficiency
  • Create Process agility and effectiveness
  • Ensure statutory and regulatory compliance