GM and Directors of STC Customer Care Visits CCC

GM of STC Customer Care - Consumer sector, Mr. Riyad Alenazi, accompanied by the directors of customer care centers visited CCC in Riyadh where they met CCC CEO, Mr. Abdullah Alzahrani and CCC VPs.


The delegation was briefed through a detailed explanation on all efforts exerted by CCC to improve the level of service provided to STC customers within all centers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The delegation, accompanied by Mr. Abdullah Alzahrani, visited CCC new building in Riyadh, which has been equipped with the latest technologies and standards for call centers and was designed to provide a comfortable and suitable work environment for all the company’s employees. Moreover, the delegation visited some of the company's centers in Riyadh to acknowledge the work progress in these centers.


Mr. Riad Al Enzi expressed his pleasure in the great welcoming touched from all CCC employees and he thanks them for their great efforts.


Mr. Abdullah Alzahrani welcomed the delegation and said “CCC and  STC, which owns the largest share of CCC, are bound in a strategic partnership that aims to improve all services provided for STC customers and thanks to the cooperation and synergy between the two companies, such services have experienced significant improvement recently”.