Where are we from «outsourcing» Industry?

Amer Al Shehri

VP - Marketing & PR


Outsourcing has turned into a major service industry in the world, where many major companies have resorted to use this system in providing services to clients in order to save time, effort and money as well as the main goal of raising the level of services provided to clients.


I think that a lot of people don't know what is «outsourcing». So, we initially comes to what this service is. Briefly, it’s  a trend adopted by many companies around the world based on the attribution of some operations and services to other companies in a partnership or support in order to ensure providing with high quality services and to contribute to the rationalization of expenditures, so that these companies can focus on its core business. Such services and operations include payroll, financial operations, customer service, technical support and other services. All these services require a full knowledge of products and services of each client.


This type of services appears in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries in particular through STC Group that was a forerunner in providing with such services. STC Group has agreed with one of the greatest companies in the world providing with such services to develop a partnership in equal proportions between Saudi Telecommunications Company and the world Aegis Company, establishing Contact Center Company last year 2011. In one year, Contact Center Company has achieved significant successes in providing outreach services in the informative directory 905 and in record time does not exceed some seconds to respond to the client, and as a result it received in 9 months over 36 million informative calls.


This success has been the result of equal partnership between the largest telecom company in the region (STC) with 160 million customers worldwide and the world Aegis Company, which has 50,000 employees worldwide. This partnership resulted in the establishment of a company in Saudi Arabia (Contact Center Company) according to  strategic organization aims to develop performance and services provided to customers. About 500 employees from CCC who have experienced through their work in the directory 905 over the past years, contributed to the speed development of services, felt by customers, in record time.


I expect if the company “ CCC “ continued with the same level of performance and service development, it will be one of the leading outsourcing companies in the region and will expand its activities and services in Gulf and  Arab countries to become one of the Saudi companies which have achieved widespread success internally and externally.


Let me pause here to talk about Contact Center Company and I will shed light on some of the challenges facing outsourcing companies in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. Among these challenges: lack of skilled national workforce that capable of meeting the needs of clients, inability to perform with required efficiency in an environment that requires work all the time, lack of interest in continuous training to raise the level of performance, high salaries of employees in this service and lack of knowledge of the companies and people about the outsourcing companies.


Finally, this type of service requires to redouble efforts to spread its culture between our companies and our communities through workshops, seminars, conferences and media attention to this type of service which turned out in many countries of the world to an industry referred to it that it directly contributes in providing with a lot of recruitment opportunities among youth, as well as improving the performance of human resources working in this field. We hope that this modern industry in our countries gets the interest it deserves from all parties to be one of the distinguished industries and services in our country.