Ecommerce and CX

Tackling customer experience in physical stores seems to be challenging enough for retailers. Friendly staff, lots of stock, and flexible return policies are only a few of the features that have customers coming back. But how does an already impersonal shopping experience (online) accommodate its clients in the same way? Our world today has seen a major shift from physical stores to online shopping because they can avoid lines and crowds, they can read customer reviews at their own pace, and quite frankly, because it means not having to leave the house. In that respect, online retailers are already ahead of the game. But not being able to see an item physically, try it on, or speak to a sales representative is enough to make the skeptics uneasy, let alone leave their credit card details and hope that they get their item. Businesses should not think of these as setbacks but rather areas to improve customer experience. Some initial areas to focus on include:

24/7 Standby Support

To remain relevant in today’s business world, you need to have all customer support systems automated. However, nothing beats the ‘real thing’ - live customer support that is warm, friendly, and helpful. Live customer support can do so much more for a company than business owners and managers often realize. The ability to find easy and relatable answers to inquiries and questions create a favorable impression on people - customer, partners and prospective clients who come in contact with your company.

Easy Return of Items

This is probably the most important part of ensuring a positive customer experience. A customer ordering an in-stock item from a distributor should have the opportunity to return purchased items easily. The ability to make this process as seamless as possible will give your e-commerce business an edge over your competitors. CCC provides a platform for customers to contact service representatives to make returns easily. This process is online and available 24/7, meaning that customers have someone they can talk to that will help facilitate the return of their purchased items regardless of location or time zone.

Social Media Exposure Management

Additionally, over the years, social media networks have played an increasing role in enabling business establishments to access vital data of their customers effectively. In turn, this can immensely assist them in offering content that is specifically based on their personal preferences. This includes obtaining customer feedback and product/services reviews that can be used repeatedly to create suggestions and recommendations that target an individual client.

Having a social media management team handle your business exposure online is vital to your business’s sustainability. Not all reviews will be favorable; sometimes, competitors even target your business online to make potential customers lose interest. Getting the right and timely help when dealing with both the negativity and positivity you get online affect your business in the short and long run.

Transactional Emails

Business entities that wish to get the undivided attention of every customer can opt to augment their marketing efforts with transactional emails. These ingenious marketing solutions are, for the most part, utilized to offer thanks to a client for purchasing a product or service from your firm. While at the same time including personalized suggestions on other products or services you may have to offer, totally based on their previous transactions with you.


When trying to offer a great customer experience, the main thing to reflect on is to try your best to align all your firm’s marketing channels to be seamlessly in tune with client behavior. CCC comprehensively integrates your call center, website, and, if appropriate self-service portals; you can put your company on the highroad of fostering brand loyalty while also significantly boosting your revenue generation activities. Make the process of returns and exchanges easy for customers. What’s the point of shopping online if you’re going to make customers go to the store to return their unwanted items? There are, of course, many more factors that go into building a full-proof eCommerce site. One rule of thumb, though, is to think about the things that make you happy and then build them into your service.

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