Customer Experience:
Digital First

If your business serves a large number of customers, you would have observed a major shift over the past few years: The Shift toward Digital.

Customers are looking for digital conveniences to better communicate with businesses and governments all over the world. Saudi Arabia has been at the forefront of this digital revolution.

Customers want to the convenience of digital channels 24/7 and they expect immediate response. Social media has created both opportunities and challenges for businesses. The opportunities include reach, referrals and direct engagement, whereas the challenge lies in receiving customer feedback in public. Smart companies transform the challenge into an increased opportunity.

Using technologies such as social listening, monitoring, and engagement, challenges can be overcome by immediately joining customer conversations, demonstrating empathy, and showing a proactive attitude towards solving customers’ problems. This positive attitude transforms a completely negative perception into positive one, and draws praise and loyalty from your audience and customer base.

CCC has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. We have helped many customers and government organizations in Saudi Arabia transform their customer service via digital channels and capitalize on the opportunities made available by social media. Our representatives have been trained to handle social conversations on behalf of our customers with professionalism and care.

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