How Chatbots can
improve your customer

The world is going digital and so are your customers. Customer experience is the key to improving customer loyalty. Chatbots are enriching customer experience, reducing costs, and boosting sales. Are you ready for the new age of hyper-efficient customer service?

Challenges in today’s world are increasing competition and rising marketing costs. They are putting pressure on profit margins. Your consumer behavior has changed now. They want everything on demand. Your customers are on the mobile and digital fast track. They are preferring to text messages rather than wait to speak to customer care. Are you wondering how a Chatbot can help make your customer service efficient? It’s time to get competitive and improve your revenues! Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of customer interactions will involve emerging technologies such as machine learning (ML) applications, chatbots, and mobile messaging, up from 15% in 2018.

How can a Chatbot help your customer experience?

- 24x7 Customer Support:

Customer service is about being available when your customer wants. The chatbot is always available to support your customers. If it's odd hours or a holiday, the chatbot is ready to answer your customer queries. It’s economical and efficient as there are no extra costs. Chatbots can judge the moods of the customer and can always transfer the call to a human executive if your customer is not satisfied with answers.

- No waiting for customer support

Your customer may get tired and bored listening to music and waiting for a customer representative to take their call. Chatbots can have many instances and there is one always ready to chat with your customer. So say hello and chat right away!

- Recurring customer queries

Your customer care executive will get bored answering the same queries over and over again to different customers. A Chatbot can answer these queries in an instant efficiently while your executive can handle more value-added tasks and improve productivity.

- Chatbots Increase your Sales

Lead generation web forms or chats bring in new leads. The first 5 minutes is the best time to respond to a new lead for positive outcomes as per Chilipiper. Chatbots can respond in seconds and you increase your chances of a sale.

- Quick answers

Your customer support agent may not be aware of all the answers. Chatbots can search huge databases and provide answers in seconds. This makes your customer happy as there is no holding or transferring to another agent as queries get resolved quickly.

- Saving costs

Customer support involves human capital and the costs increase over time. Using a Chatbot is a one-time investment with multifold benefits.

- Multiple language support

You don’t need multiple language support teams as Chatbots can answer in any language required. Chatbots use Natural Language Processing(NLP) capabilities and understand different language tones and adapt and respond accordingly.

- Customize your customer experience

Chatbots collect information from conversations and these can be passed to your customer service agent. Knowing your customer’s preferences can help you prepare a customized approach that will help improve your sales chances. Customers enjoy getting their queries answered quickly by Chatbots and the rapid acceptance is helping businesses gain immense business advantages.

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