We employ state-of-the-art digital technology to identify and resolve challenges with our customers, this support encompasses different solutions that we have invested heavily on.

Some of those solutions are; RPA speech analytics, smart knowledge banks and advanced performance management.

This is helping us to maintain the high level of services and customer satisfaction in addition to enriching the operations efficiency by enhancing the customer experience across a wide range of operational areas such a technical support, telesales, recruitment and more.


Digital solutions

We employ state-of-the-art digital technology to identify and resolve challenges with our customers.


Work from home

The pandemic placed unique demands upon cccbusinessses. As remote work became a necessity, ccc was well prepared to make the switch.


Data security

The modern digital economy requires a continuous connection to cyberspace to access many different forms of data, often of a sensitive nature.



Consistent and ongoing focus on excellence is the fundamental ethos ccc is focused on.


Knowledge development

As businesses grow and the services, they provide become more complex it is increasingly important that knowledge management is organised and efficient.


Global experience

ccc was founded with the global expertise, experience and pedigree of Startek, which operates in over 13 countries worldwide covering North and South America, Australasia, Europe and Asia.


Service redundancy

ccc is the first and only customer experience company in the Kingdom to have two strategic operational centers in two different cities.



The key to tapping into local and regional markets is to understand the nuances of each area.


Multi lingual hub

The digital economy is not restricted to national or cultural boundaries. As such to be successful businesses must embrace a global perspective.


Global standards

Our collaboration with Startek has enabled us to learn from and comply with COPC – the highest international standards for the customer experience industry.

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