Business success is built upon winning the trust of customers. ccc acts as a force multiplier for businesses by enhancing their customer experience. ccc has been at the forefront of innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. Our portfolio of solution offerings is unique in the region.

ccc offers a wide range of solutions that span the entire spectrum of customer care, technology services, digital business, consulting, back office, and other specialized services all focused on our primary aim to enrich and enhance customer experience.

ccc offers customized solutions based on the individual needs of our customers. One size does not fit all and that is why ccc develops solutions to meet our customer needs based on the unique challenges they face.

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A key priority for us at ccc is to empower our clients so they are able to meet their business requirements in the best way possible. To do this, we have adopted the highest level of industry best practice for our technical support services. By implementing COPC and ITIL standards, our clients are assured of the highest quality in service.

At ccc we understand the importance of identifying and resolving customer pain points so that our clients can fix their issues at first contact and thereby improve the overall customer experience.

To do this we offer a suite of services in the entire spectrum of customer lifecycle including Customer care, Billing, Order Management, Level 1 and 2 technical support, Fault Management, Fault investigations, Triaging, Escalations and resolution for B2B and B2C.

We provide help on everything from completely outsourced managed services to staffing augmentation. It all depends on customer needs. Unlike other providers, ccc is focused on delivering services that are tailored to meet business objectives and customer priorities.

Customer is king. Businesses that understand this fact will not only survive in today’s highly competitive modern world, but also thrive. ccc has the expertise and know-how to help clients ensure they are not left behind. We provide customer care services across a wide range of areas including voice, email, chat and digital channels. We work to improve overall customer engagement through a variety of activities and analytics which in turn increases customer satisfaction, reduces lost custom, wins back customers and retains their interest.

We leverage our competitive advantage over others in the market with our Saudi based agents who can tailor service improvements based on English and Arabic speaking community requirements. In addition, our globally established best practice processes from stc and Startek enable us to provide other languages including European Languages if needed. Our services meet the highest global standards, and we also offer sales-based training as well as make it easier to work with global brands.

ccc provides customers with a digital E-Care solution that is adaptable, interactive and based on the foundation of listening to the needs of our customers. This approach allows the businesses we work with to truly understand the needs of their consumers. It enables companies to carryout timely interactions and foster greater loyalty with real-time insights across all channels.

We are also able to support companies in their social and digital strategies, so they are able to redesign their customer experience based on solid insights. Our proprietary Technology-Analytics-Execution-Domain expertise is used to optimize customer-company journeys with the end result more informed employees, impactful communications, excellent customer service, and better brand innovation.

Many businesses fail to reach their potential because they are unable to attract and retain enough customers. Companies often suffer with high customer churn rates and struggle to build a loyal customer base which in turn makes them less competitive with others in the market.

Fortunately, ccc can help by working with clients to develop strong and sustainable customer retention strategies.

We have worked with numerous organisations and our approach is proven to empower clients to dain more loyal customers and reduce churn rates. For one of our large telecom customer’s, we have maintained a retention rate of “X” % over the last “Y” Years which is above the industry standard.

Every interaction a customer has with a business has the potential to foster a closer relationship that will build loyalty for a service or product. At ccc we support businesses and organizations to ensure every customer interaction is carefully managed through the entire lifecycle. This attention to detail means clients can connect with their customers at a deeper level so they are left happy with their experience which in turn means greater loyalty.

Telesales have become an integral element of many businesses and can be a potentially lucrative revenue stream. However, it is only effective if it is part of a wider strategy. After all, a customer who has a good telesales experience will be more likely to engage with the service again in future.

By employing the latest technology and analytics, ccc delivers targeted telesales services based on the areas that need to be strengthened.

Our experienced team of consultants work closely with clients to identify and resolve issues while empowering inhouse teams to boost performance so many more prospects become paying customers.

We offer a variety of services including sales and promotional offers, inbound and outbound sales and more. We can also provide special customized sales for “High Value” and “Key” customers.

Ensuring payments are collected regularly can be a real problem for businesses and there is often a debate between reducing costs and increasing collections. Fortunately, with ccc’s well trained collectors onboard, a client can have the confidence that they will not miss out on payments. ccc provides an efficient and effective service by working with third party collectors for field collections while also offering real time updates and dashboards for easy tracking of performance to business owners.

We use a data driven approach based on technology, analytics and automation for the best possible results. This approach enables organizations to make financial recoveries without negatively impacting on customer satisfaction and loyalty. ccc offers an extensive range of services such as payment reminder calls, fraud detection and more.

The bottom line for any business is to boost revenues and profit margins. ccc understands this and that is why everything we do is focused on helping our clients make the operational changes they need to succeed. At ccc we believe data and technology are important tools that when used correctly can make truly profound impacts on a business. We use the latest customer experience data analytics technologies to help clients improve every facet of their organization.

To achieve this, we focus on enhancing customer experience through analytics driven solutions and decision making. Our team leverages the latest trends in analytics along with their proven expertise in the field to give a complete view of a client’s business. Our analytics can quickly identify existing and potential pain points so clients can take the necessary action to resolve issues efficiently and effectively. That means everything from missing data to browser issues and antivirus is covered and the reasons for customer churn can be quickly identified and resolved.

As the complexity of modern business operations grows so it becomes increasingly important to ensure these facets run optimally. ccc has a multi-disciplinary consultation approach which provides clients with the confidence they need to push ahead with their business plans. ccc offers a variety of services ranging from Supply Chain to Customer Care. As a result, we have a broader understanding of how to leverage a client’s strengths with our knowhow.

Not all companies are able to implement every aspect of an operational need. ccc can step in when and where required to provide additional support when required across an entire business. This allows businesses and organisations to expand when required and not be held back by a lack of expertise.

An organization that is rapidly expanding is a clear indication that it is doing well. However, it can often mean these businesses outgrow their existing capacity to manage staff and internal process such as recruitment and payroll. By outsourcing such procedures, companies are able to concentrate on their core business without the additional difficulty of hiring new departments to meet these demands. This is where ccc can step in and take on these additional tasks. We have the capability, expertise and professional staff to process employee payrolls, manage contracts, provide workforce training and development and much more.

We are even able to conduct recruitment by screening candidates based on internally recognised benchmark standards. We also have ties ups with the best universities in Saudi Arabia as well as global partnerships to search for the best local and worldwide talent.

Businesses that have implemented a robust and efficient finance structure can budget and plan with greater confidence. But it is not always an easy task and requires a deep understand of finances. At ccc we are able to step in and support businesses across their finance infrastructure requirements. We can meet tight deadlines for compliance reporting and our systems can taken on finance reporting giving clients more time to focus on high-end work. We also offer cost arbitrage and fraud prevention services. These and other services are delivered to the highest globally recognized standards.

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