Bettering your outcomes with Business Process Management

According to Gartner, business process management (BPM) is a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business processes. A business process coordinates the behavior of people, systems, information and things to produce business outcomes in support of a business strategy. BPM is best defined as a discipline or practice that a business can choose to follow, and which includes structured methods and techniques that help organizations run more smoothly. It is about putting in place consistent processes that streamline overall workflows to reduce costs, human errors and improve efficiencies. In short, frameworks for better ways to get work done.

The types of BPM

There are usually three types of BPM: The system-centric business process management handles processes that primarily depend on existing business systems such as CRM or ERP and do not have much human involvement. The human-centric business process management handles processes that are primarily performed by people which automation cannot easily replace such as customer service or on-boarding employees. The document-centric business process management handles specific documents such as contracts or worksheets.

How BPM can benefit your busines

Increased efficiencies: BPM systems help optimize existing processes which reduces redundancies and bottlenecks. The result is greater agility and higher productivity which helps businesses achieve their outcomes much faster. Customizing workflows enables a better allocation of resources while also ensuring that the business is highly responsive to market conditions and trends. This leads to higher revenues, profits and cost savings in the long run.

Improved customer experiences: With repetitive work eliminated, employees have far more time to focus on excellence in customer service. Clear processes also ensure that employees have faster access to information and a faster learning curve as well which also helps keep the customer satisfied.

Higher visibility with greater transparency: There is more visibility within the organization as the monitoring of key performance metrics leads to better management and an efficient tracking of outcomes. BPM systems also help shape clear outlines for tasks and their ownership. This increased accountability makes for more productive team collaborations and opens up communications across the company.

Compliance, safety and security: BPM also facilities compliance with industry standards while also helping businesses stay up-to-date with the law. Additionally, it helps put in place security measures which safeguard privacy, information and other resources from misuse.

Higher scalability: Having standardized processes in place makes it easier to transfer them across geographies. As technologies evolve, BPM practices will also help with automation and digital transformation.

Ideally, BPM should not be a one-time practice. Instead, organizations need to create a continuous cycle of evaluation revolving around outcomes, and not tasks, to prioritize the business focus and its goals.

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