Since our formation, ccc has become the leader of the service industry in Saudi Arabia and the region. This has been done by delivering local, digitized Customer Experience Management services based on international standards that set new benchmarks for the sector in the region.

ccc takes a holistic, business-first approach to customer experience, maintaining a focus on business results and growing their bottom line.

We strive to help our clients enhance their entire customer experience lifecycle, enabling them to build relationships and improve engagement with their customers and unlock new business value.


to create an environment for empowered employees, satisfied customers, and maximize value for shareholders.


to be a leader in customer experience management through excellence in execution and continuous innovation.

CCC Vision Mission


CCC Value: Dynamism


How we become a company that is continuously looking to improve and adopt new and better ways of doing things, with a fresh and ingenious view.

  • Agile

  • Collaborative

  • Fresh

CCC Value: Devotion


The desire to become a “customer centric” company for our clients and our employees.

  • Caring

  • Committed

  • Trustworthy

CCC Value: Drive


We are “restless”, looking for the best possible solutions for our clients and our employees.

  • Proactive

  • Inventive

  • Inquisitive

ccc works in partnership with clients to empower them by embedding outstanding customer experience services into their organization, leveraging its world-class expertise to add value to clients and help them strategically elevate their business and generate revenue.

ccc is redefining the service industry in Saudi Arabia through locally tailored customer experience services with world-class, quality-based capabilities that transform into added value to its clients in line with international best practices and global standards.

ccc is a champion of Vision 2030

supporting the transformation of Saudi Arabia’s business sector, fostering a service-driven culture, diversifying economic activity and creating career opportunities for all Saudi youth and women.

Who we are

ccc was founded as a joint venture between Saudi-based stc, a world-class digital leader and the most valuable brand in the Middle East with Startek, a US-based global leader in customer experience management. Startek operates across 46 locations in 13 countries, with over 40,000 employees that manage almost half a billion customer interactions every year for over 150 clients in different industries.

Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ccc operates two strategic locations across the country, with state-of-the-art facilities and technology that ensure the best quality, consistent services to our customers. We employ more than 5,000 people, including 1,500 women, with a high Saudization rate.

ccc is unique in the customer management sector in the region, through our business-focused approach and our adoption of international standards and best practices. ccc blends the best of local and regional knowledge, with international expertise and domain experience, with globally recognized standards, to provide the highest level of service and quality to clients.

This unique approach has embedded an ethos of innovation, expertise and flawless execution which allows us to cater to the specific needs of our clients in a way that ensures outstanding results. As digital technology begins to play an increasingly important role within society and the wider economy, this approach makes us well placed to take advantage of the opportunities it holds. At present we have a wide range of solutions that span the entire spectrum of customer care, technology services, digital business, consulting, back office, and other specialized services all focused on our primary aim to enrich and enhance customer experience.



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Our Clients

ccc has a reputation as a progressive industry leader, a trusted partner to business that acts as a driving force in advancing the BPO industry in Saudi Arabia and the wider region.

This has been made possible by the foundations built by the expertise of our shareholders stc and Startek. As a joint venture between stc Group and Startek, this pedigree blends local insights with global standards.


As the largest telecommunication services provider in the Middle East and North Africa, stc, has a consistent history of growth and success across a range of business metrics. It is the leading telecoms operator in the Kingdom and as such has unparalleled knowledge of the local and regional market. This has allowed It to develop a strong position in the Kingdom’s while expanding to other key regional markets. By operating in growth markets, stc has helped to drive the adoption of mobile and broadband in Saudi Arabia and the wider region with innovative delivery of fixed, mobile and data services to customers.

Startek is a US-based global outsourcing and technology services company that is focused on improving client business outcomes by enhancing customer experience. It boasts an extensive portfolio of solutions that can support clients across a range of business-related objectives and customer centric services. Startek has a track record of delivering innovative solutions with advanced technologies and strategies that help clients across sectors such as Retail, Telecom, Healthcare and more.


ccc has built a reputation for delivering industry leading solutions to businesses in addition to ensuring a fair, responsible and welcoming work environment for employees. This success has been recognized within the industry with a host of prestigious awards. These include:

CCC Awards
Group 231 Group 232 awrd3 awrd1 awrd

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