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Healthcare has never been more important than it is today. As such the sector continues to enjoy sustained growth. But with that comes greater need for products and services that are both cost-effective and high value. The patient is at the heart of everything a healthcare provider does and requires effective collaboration within businesses. This is increasingly important as newly emerging technologies coupled with increased patient awareness and rising costs require greater efficiencies.

ccc is well placed to deliver on these requirements and thereby make health care more flexible and affordable. We offer optimized support to healthcare providers that enable smarter operations, improved customer experiences with accurate insight-driven decision across their entire ecosystem utilizing our in-house deployed and effective business intelligence tools

ccc has been supporting the sector during and post the COVID 19 pandemic and hosts multiple programs that aims at the wellness of citizens, residents and visitors. We continue to enhance support operations by integrating with digital solutions, business intelligence and reporting dashboards that provides real-time insights for the clients to introduce effective solutions that cater to the needs of the public.

We established a unified call center to assist the client with end-to-end healthcare solutions for 26 hospitals across the Kingdom. The services include appointment scheduling and rescheduling, feedbacks, administrative patient issues, medical reports, prescription refill services, information dissemination about new hospitals, new services, changes in other terms and conditions and more

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