Energy and Utilities

Even well-established industries such as Energy and Utilities have been impacted by the role of digital technology. Ensuring a reliable water and electricity supply to customers is only one aspect of the relationship energy and utility companies must be aware of. Traditional methods of operating have evolved due to the digital era. Consumer demands mean more investments into digitization, tools and availability of communication channels is required.

Customers are also highly focused on the quality of service they receive in this field with issues like customer service, call centers and bill payments among the areas that must be seamless and easily navigable.

ccc has been supporting the needs of this industry since the company’s inception via end-to-end outsourcing, sub-contracting and specialized skill supply through talent augmentation models. ccc has also completed multiple consulting engagements for some of the largest utility providers in Saudi Arabia during the last 5 years.

We can service all these requirements by leveraging our extensive local and regional expertise. ccc can identify areas to improve and where optimizations can be made. This results in improved operational efficiencies, happy customers, lower costs and higher revenues.

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