Business success is built upon winning the trust of customers. ccc acts as a force multiplier for businesses by enhancing their customer experience and brand image. ccc has been at the forefront of innovative solutions that are tailored to the needs of the customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the portfolio of solutions we offer are unique in the region.

Our solution offerings for different industry segments and service lines include the entire customer lifecycle and are focused on business outcomes. ccc not only provides services in the spectrum of Customer Care, Technical Support, and back office but also on standardizing and improving the internal processes for HR, Finance & IT through our analytics-based People, Process and Technology framework.

The customized solutions built on this framework ensures unique business requirements are addressed , providing benefits beyond the experience of end customer alone but ensures brand visibility, repetitive business and ROI.

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Customer expectations are always evolving and ccc is able to identify and resolve issues so that business operations are not negatively impacted. By working with clients we address pain points in a proactive manner through out the customer lifecycle. By understanding the needs of our clients and their customers, ccc provide, unique and enriching customer experiences through the right blend of support channels, experienced “care” agents and COPC aligned/certified processes.

Why Us

ccc’s entire customer care framework is built to cater to the needs of the customer through reactive support from our agents. This is enabled through cc’s extensive know-how, technology and experience.

Omni Channel Solutions

We provide a wide-range of omni-channel solutions that provide real-time customer data feedback for effective support.

“Agile” Ops

We employ an ownership mindset with creative problem solving to provide superior customer care.

Know the “Customer”

We understand the needs of your customers and when they need assistance.

“Digital” and “Social” care

Technology plays a critical role in empowering the customer and ccc sets the standard for developing compelling customer journeys to address their needs.

Make an “Impact”

We work with clients to uncover the best way to make a positive impact with their customers so they become advocates for your brand.

Beyond “Service Levels”

We go beyond what is expected by not only focusing on delivering on service levels, but also provide you with metric evaluations that impact on business operations.

Value Propositions

  • Availability of “New Age” technologies with “No” investments for your Customer Care
  • Digitize and create your Social Media Command Center
  • Drive efficiency and Reduce cost of ownership
  • Objective based delivery for your business
  • Alliances and Partnerships for all your needs
  • Limited expenditure on support needs (Training, Quality, WFM)
  • Dashboards powered by real-time data
  • COPC aligned and certified processes
  • Knowledge Management through intelligent platforms to ensure “Right First Time”
  • Telesales have become an integral element of many businesses and can be a potentially lucrative revenue stream once implemented as part of a wider strategy.

ccc employs the latest technology and analytics to deliver targeted telesales services based on the areas that a client needs to be strengthened. ccc measures selling activity to ensure customer on-boarding as well as working with clients to ensure there is a focus on “care” throughout the customer lifecycle with on-time order fulfilment, assurance, and loyalty services.

Why Us

ccc uses the concept of “planned” , “long-term” , and “focused” communication to keep existing customers and attract new consumers. Every interaction with the customer is an opportunity for “sales” and “upselling” to generate maximum revenue for our clients.

Dialer Strategy

ccc offers tailored dialer strategies based on customer and lead type– to encourage maximum conversion and productivity.

Sales focused training

ccc can deliver specific and customer segment focused training curriculums for agents to maximize their potential and deliver on time and targets.

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Provide a real-time overview of campaign results against agent performance. This gives first line managers direct access to information about closed contacts, orders, and more.

“Value Realization”

By using a business manager approach we ensure maximum revenue generation through sales campaigns and offers.

“Premium” Services

We are capable of supporting different segments of an enterprise, in addition to providing sales support for High value customers – who are key advocates of your business.

“Unique” buying reasons

Using innovative sales techniques, we create a “reason” for customers to buy your products or services.

Value Propositions

  • Move your focus to an up-sell and cross sell strategy and let ccc take care of the end consumer reach
  • Monitor sales effectiveness and customize your telesales strategy
  • Sales based training modules
  • Joint development and collaboration of marketing campaigns based on past performances of similar promotions
  • Improve your relationships through customized sales offerings to High Value Customers
  • Revenue based balanced scorecards driving your business goals

ccc empowers clients to meet their business requirements in the best way possible with the adoption of the highest level of industry best practice for technical support services. By implementing COPC and ITIL standards, our clients receive the highest quality in service for their technical support needs

ccc handles level 1 and level 2 support through a managed services model and staff augmentation. Clients can choose the option that suits their needs. ccc can handle a KPI/SLA based delivery or provide skilled manpower that can be deployed within a delivery organization with SLAs based on performance.

Why Us

ccc focuses on “First Time Right” methods so the customer’s problem is addressed the very first time they interact with our technical support team. This ensures brand confidence and fosters customer advocacy.

Best in Class

ccc provides global expertise and alliances with best-in-class tools and support processes. This allows for maximum knowledge dissemination which is essential in technical support services.

24x7 availability

Reduce cost of ownership using our 24×7 support models instead of investing heavily in manpower for minimal call / ticket volumes during off hours and weekends.

Efficiency of Solution as a driver

ccc categorizes users into specific personas and uses analytics-based insights to understand past issues to provide solutions to problems. This minimizes repeat calls for the same problem.

Smart KB

ccc has a smart and intelligent knowledge base customized and tailor made for the specific programs. This enables faster resolution to most the common issues with effective support for complex issues.

Quality as an enabler

Quality is used as an enabler for technical support to ensure continuous skill upgrade for the support associate and effective feedback loop mechanism.

We “own” your problem

We take end to end ownership of issues and handle escalations based on predefined SLAs to ensure customer queries are resolved within promised timeframes.

Value Propositions

  • Continuously improve the CSAT metric through faster resolutions to problems
  • Trained and experienced resources
  • Specific and focused training programs for technical support services
  • Ability to work in multiple delivery models that fits the client’s organizational needs
  • Faster, better and cost-effective technical support organization

Payments must be collected on time and be uninterrupted with seamless service continuity. ccc employs industry best practices and best-in-class tools to deliver efficient and effective collections from early stage to third party collections across multiple segments. ccc also works with third party collectors for field collections, offers real time updates and dashboards for easy tracking of performance.

A data driven approach based on technology, analytics and automation is used for the best possible results. ccc offers an extensive range of services such as payment reminder calls, fraud detection and more.

Why Us

By understanding the customer issue and reasons behind the delayed or default payment, ccc can improve collection rates. ccc collectors ensure customers have a positive experience that encourages them to continue with the services after every collection attempt. By winning the trust of customers the possibility of improved revenue streams is increased.

Focused collections for Increased realization

ccc’s collection strategy uses targeted attempts on high-value, low risk collections to ensure continuous cash flow. Strategic attempts are also made to collect from other segments.

Dialer Strategy is Key

ccc’s team of experts can create the most suitable dialer strategy that fits specific business / collection needs – be it progressive or predictive.

Analytics Driven Collection approach

The collection portfolio is driven through analytics-based modelling, risk-based collections and a recovery scoring model for the customer.

Incentive Intensive

Targeted incentive design is tied directly to financial goals to maximize the value of collections. Performance is measured on a daily, monthly and quarterly basis.

Compliance and Regulatory Focus

ccc’s security standards and strong partnerships for managing compliance and risk ensures customer’s personal and financial data is safeguarded.

Optimization and Cost reduction

We see collections as a revenue center rather than a cost center and aim to optimize your collections cost by ensuring high productivity, ROI and performance standards.

Value Propositions

  • Maximize collections revenue and reduce cost of collections
  • Structured customer outreach plan from early stage to late stage
  • Higher customer win backs through strategic payment mechanisms
  • Reduce ageing of default accounts
  • Reduce write offs

A lack of a retained customer base leads to high and continuous churn, which impacts businesses through cost of sales and makes them less competitive in the market.

ccc can develop and implement strong and sustainable customer retention strategies through customized and experience-based loyalty programs. By ensuring every interaction results in a positive customer experience resulting with greater loyalty to the brand.

Why Us

ccc helps businesses to connect with your customers at a deeper level so they are happy with their experience which results in greater loyalty. We provide experienced and well-trained customer advocates with a focus on creating a positive experience with the brand to ensure continued business.

Customer Incentives

We work with our clients to create and provide the most suitable incentives to their customers by leveraging our 10 years of experience in the CX industry.

Strategy and Execution

ccc will assist you in creating competitive loyalty and retention strategies that are tailored to the unique expectations of customers.

Analytics based insights

By applying analytical methods such as voice of customer, looker block, churn analytics and others, we can implement innovative customer outreach plans to maximize retention revenue.

Engage customers & “employees”

Customer engagement is key to continuous revenue while engaged customers tend to generate more revenue. Our “engaged employees” program can also generate increased revenue.

Outcome based

Agent KRAs and incentives are directly linked to “retention value” and “count” which in turn is assessed for Customer Lifetime Value and provides reliable forecasts for our clients.

Churn Predictions for effective retention

Low retention or high customer churn are negative signs. This is often a reflection of a bad customer experience. ccc provides actionable insights to reduce churn rates.

Value Propositions

  • Committed to improvement of customer retention rates during the contract term
  • Outcome / revenue-based SLAs
  • CXO dashboards on churn prediction for devising effective strategy
  • Speech analytics and Text analytics linked to voice of customer for effective loyalty management
  • Drive repeat purchases and lifetime value
  • Effective and continuous engagement with clients’ key customer base

A clear understanding of business outcomes is critical to make bold decisions that enable boosts in revenue and profit margins. ccc provides actionable insights to help change the landscape of customer support by combining leading technologies, techniques and experience. We help you to quickly identify existing and potential pain points, failures and opportunities to take proactive and progressive actions to address them efficiently and effectively.

Why Us

Identifying opportunities at the right time helps businesses to ensure profitability, productivity while creating positive customer experiences. ccc has mastered this capability through qualified and experienced analytics resources that understand the domain while focused on continuously delivering value.

“CX Analytics” as an enabler for “Growth”

We identify the customer’s true value by combining speech, data, behavior and intent analytics to unlock the potential of their services and effectively drive the CX journey

“Drive” cost reduction through “Resource Analytics”

Cost of resources is driven down through Accurate Forecasting and Capacity planning supported with IDP (intra-Day pattern) analysis and ongoing Gap Assessment of Capacity against Scheduling Capacity

Improve your “Channel strategy” for customers

Cross-Channel Analytics provides clients with insight into customer adoption and utilization of different contact channels to create an effective channel mix for your “care” strategy

Call Driver analytics – Reduce your repeat calls

Identify Contacts which can be eliminated by
– Shift-Left to self service
– Proactive Communication
– FCR Analysis
– Call Driver analysis to identify which call types have the highest repeat call rates
And improve the overall customer experience

“Predictive” & “Actionable” insights

Our analytics services deliver actionable insights to empower effective decision making by reducing inefficiencies and improving automated processes

“Digital” & “Automated” reporting

We provide completely automated digital dashboards and reports of metrics and insights for a client’s CXO on topics relevant to their business interests and domain

Value Propositions

  • Analytics driven automation to reduce cost
  • Drive improvements based on actionable insights
  • End to end reporting and analytics based on new-age technologies and data visualization through Tableau and Power BI
  • Experienced and skilled data analysis and data scientists will help you drive your customer journey to create brand value
  • Cross channel and adoption analytics to help you make data driven decisions for optimal channel split and invest in new technologies

Where other consulting firms end their roles by providing a multi-year road map, ccc goes further by transforming the end-to-end contact center organization. A well-organized contact center ensures continuous value-based delivery for any organization. Through our structured contact center consulting activities, ccc provides you with contact center strategies that are aligned with your vision and mission as a business. Our offerings include:

Contact Center maturity assessment

Business Process Consulting

Technology Consulting

Business Process Management as a Service

Why Us

Our experience and know-how have transformed the landscape of contact centers and the way customer care is implemented in the kingdom over the last decade. Our dedicated and best-in-class framework helps you transform your support organization – whether in an outsourced scenario or in-house. Furthermore, ccc also has the capability and understanding to devise a completely new customer care organization if needed.

Our offerings

Contact Center Maturity Assessment & Optimization

We assess the current performance of your contact center by gathering operational data and applying analytical and industry recognized methods. ccc supports clients in designing and implementing their care center so it exceeds business needs and customer expectations. ccc helps organizations by:

-Creating and developing their customer experience centers

-Contact Center in a Build, Operate and Transform (BOT) model

-Transforming current operations by deploying support services including Quality, Training and Workforce Management services

-End to End outsourcing based on KPI management and Customer Experience improvement

Business Process Consulting

We will engage with “Captive” and “In-House” managed contact centres (government and private) to improve the support organization through an outsourced and or managed service offering. ccc works to uplift the client’s contact center processes and functions to meet the highest industry standards such as the COPC framework and new-age technologies and tools. The area of focus includes:

– Quality standards, management, and assurance

– Knowledge management and dissemination

– Effective, smart and dynamic resource management (WFM) using analytical methods and tool-based decision making

– Analytics and dashboard-based reporting for decision makers

Technology Consulting & Implementation

Use of the most suitable and optimal technology is critical to the success of any contact center. ccc has vast experience in implementing contact center technologies and tools for voice and digital channels through a wide range of partners to implement and manage tools for daily operations. From traditional and legacy technologies to new age channels and from RPA and AI based tools, ccc provides the right platform to elevate your customer experience. Our technology consulting wing helps you with:

– Current state assessment

– Overview of how technology/tools for each processes enabling the work

– Gap analysis

– Proposed changes and benefits

– Financial Impact with anticipated benefits

– Implementation and maintenance support

Value Propositions

  • Enable “Best in Class” contact center practices
  • Define and execute customer interaction strategy
  • Define long term strategy for your contact center with view into Business outcomes
  • Controlled governance and certified processes
  • Cost reduction through ccc’ optimization services
  • Contact Center focusing on Customer Experience Enhancement

Businesses can struggle to outsource due to regulatory requirements. This is where we are able to step in to help enterprises in uplifting their services by enabling a layer of support processes focused on delivering an excellent customer experience. The offerings include:

Quality as a Service

Knowledge Services

Smart and Dynamic Resource Management

Why Us

Our extensive experience in the contact center industry and COPC aligned / certified support processes make ccc the best fit for transforming and elevating your contact center support organization. We will handle these transactions through a dedicated or shared service model providing the best possible results at a reduced cost.

Quality as a Service

Revamp your quality management processes with industry leading quality methodologies. ccc will handle quality framework development to quality management and feedback mechanism implementation as an end-to-end process

– COPC based quality management process from Quality Control to Management and assurance. ccc provides real-time dashboards for your stakeholders to view and analyze performance

– QMS and Quality Management

– Transaction Quality development and delivery

– Continuous Improvement initiatives through Lean and Six Sigma

– Quality monitoring forms and feedback management

– Develop and Publish performance score cards (Daily / Weekly / Monthly) to all the key stakeholders at an agreed frequency

– Deploy Bottom Quartile management and Performance improvement planning mechanisms

– List down critical/non-critical quality parameters for the account and process – follows ccc’s QPO approach

Knowledge Services

Capturing and maintaining “tribal” knowledge and disseminating it to the right people is key to any organization’s success. We can take care of your training and create a pool of skilled contact center professionals and agents.

– Training Organization Development

– Instructional Design

– Deployment of Learning Management and Knowledge Management systems

Training Process Standardization focuses on

– Analysis of current processes followed and understand the requirements vs gaps.

– Redesign and Development of Standardized approach for Training Related Processes and SOP

Skills Framework

– We will identify skill requirements for all key customer facing roles – Hiring right candidates, devising training objectives and skill assessment methodology

– Training Effectiveness Evaluation process

– Surveys and Feedback collection from agents

– Certification effectiveness

Smart and Dynamic Resource Management

Real-time and impactful staffing is a pain point for many organizations due to unpredictable volumes and IDP patterns.  Our dedicated WFM team and COPC based processes delivers automated forecasting and scheduling for your contact center needs.

Our consulting led approach leverages multiple specific practices to bring in the right experienced practitioners into a cohesive team to deliver excellence.

– Develop the WFM strategy with a defined vision and Objective

– Operationalize consistency for all LOB approach

– Defined flows and feedback loops

– Standard Processes, workflows, data models

– Delivery of WFM Services through dedicated / shared team

– Organization structure and skills

– Technology with data, reporting, dashboards

– Common measures and SLA’s

– Recommend changes based on ongoing implementation

Value Propositions

  • Organized processes saving “time” and “costs”
  • Positive “Impact” on Customer satisfaction
  • COPC alignment or Certification based on client requirements
  • Smart & Searchable Knowledge Base
  • Triggers for hiring based on the actual needs of the engagement

We offer comprehensive employee lifecycle management services encompassing the full range of staffing requirements such as recruitment, contract management, payroll and attendance management, compensation and benefits administration, manpower training and development services, exit management and more. ccc is capable of managing end-to-end employee lifecycle services as well as take on segmented activities catering to individual activities from within the overall employee lifecycle as required.

Recruitment Services

Talent Augmentation

Payroll Processing

HR Helpdesk and Analytics

Why Us

Since its inception ccc has recruited and deployed a huge number of resources within the region. Our talent augmentation practice has more than 1,500 employees in various client engagement roles and our HR practices are recognized by various organizations, receiving numerous accolades for our people management practices.

Recruitment Services

– Sourcing of Profiles

– Screening

– Scheduling of Interviews and Logistics

– Initiate Background Checks

– Coordinate Resource Assessment

– Offer Negotiations

– Administer Offers

– Resource Onboarding Support

– VISA / Travel coordination (For Expats)

"Talent Augmentation Services

– Recruitment and Onboarding

– Employee Management under ccc roles

– Payroll Management

– Benefits administration

– Support reporting and compliance

– Replacement of non-performers

– Leavers and Attrition Management

– Expat Employee Recruitment and Management

Payroll & Talent Administration

– Payroll Processing

– Administration of absences

– Process Time & Labor, Process Pay

– Monitor Compliance requirements

– Administer Compensation

– Benefit Administration

– Reporting

HR Helpdesk & Analytics

– HR Helpdesk portal

– Communication Service – Multi Channel including CHAT BOTs

– Self Service

– Basic HR Reporting

– Operational Reporting

– Analytics Services

Value Propositions

  • Full compliance with labor laws
  • Extensive understanding of KSA market
  • Well-defined processes for “any” level hiring
  • Strong Partnerships and Alliances across GLOBE
  • Cost reduction through ccc’ optimization services
  • Oracle based HRMS platforms, dashboards, recruitment alliances, dedicated payroll team

Businesses that have implemented a robust and efficient finance structure can budget and plan with greater confidence. But it is not always an easy task and requires a deep understand of finances. At ccc we are able to step in and support businesses across their finance infrastructure requirements. We can meet tight deadlines for compliance reporting and our systems can taken on finance reporting giving clients more time to focus on high-end work. We also offer cost arbitrage and fraud prevention services. These and other services are delivered to the highest globally recognized standards.

Looking to turn change into opportunity?

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