CCC: The Masters of Customer Engagement

At CCC, we have mastered the art of customer engagement. You would expect nothing less than mastery from a company that processes more than 50,000,000 customer engagements every year. We have seen customer behavior shifting toward digital, and we realized early on the need to help our clients manage their shift to digital channels.

Three core human rules set the scene for a great customer experience: Understanding, Relevance, and Timeliness.

Our teams are well-trained to demonstrate understanding, efficiency, and punctuality. In 15 training centers, we inculcate these values in our employees. Now we have more than 5,000 employees embracing the highest standards of customer experience.

Our facilities have been certified and recognized by some of the largest certification bodies in the industry…

These are some of the reasons why CCC is trusted by some of the largest brands in Saudi Arabia, like stc, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Housing, Saudi Post, Saudi Customs, Authority of Entertainment, ZARA, Fitness Time.

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