Readying energy & utilities for the digital future

Digitization has accelerated the innovations in the energy and utilities industry, especially in how energy
is sourced, delivered and consumed. The sector must also deal with the introduction of new
technologies, strict regulatory forces, a growing emphasis on sustainability, and the urbanization of
society. It is necessary to adapt while maintaining operational efficiency optimization in accordance with
environmental rules while also prioritizing customer service. Due to the rising use of renewable
resources by companies worldwide, there are numerous opportunities. The common consensus
amongst companies is the lean towards decarburizations plans, new resilience strategies due to
unpredictable climate conditions and a turn towards electrification. The players in the energy and
utilities sector need to implement systems (traditional and new-generation) that make them more
flexible, innovative and resilient.

Reimagining energy & utilities

The utilities sector must provide reliable customer service in the user-consumer era in order to maintain
a profitable relationship. Consumer care enters the scene in this situation. As it was previously primarily
considered to be a commercial activity, the majority of the utilities and energy companies are
progressively focusing on customer service. Customer service is now, however, a crucial component in
sustaining an improved client experience, maintaining improving customer experience, offering quick
turnaround times, and reducing customer churn. The consumer also expects services to be readily
available and global because this sector needs to create service channels and procedures that cater to
the consumer in a cost-effective manner.

The digitization of the utilities sector is influencing business models to be seamless and easily navigable.
Companies are also looking to extend their customer portfolio by leveraging IT and the internet of
things. Investing in digital care helps organizations take better advantage of the digital transformation
that is impacting this sector which is increasingly focusing on the decarburization and decentralization of
their sources. It is also a valuable ally in helping companies to become increasingly customer-centric
Organizations must attain operational excellence in order to manage the transition toward becoming
both economically and environmentally sustainable. It helps for companies to attract and retain
specialized staffing services to drive talent and growth, provide employment solutions, and meet
consumer expectations.

The ccc by stc connect

By utilizing its local and regional experience, ccc by stc helps focusing on service quality. Through
support services like consumer care, digital care, specialized staffing services, and more, we assist in
identifying and enhancing efficiencies for greater optimization and higher profits. Over the past five
years, ccc by stc has also completed multiple consulting engagements for some of the largest utility
providers in Saudi Arabia.

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