The Importance of Omnichannel Support in Customer Experience

A lot of organizations today, without knowing, already provide omnichannel service to their customers. Organizations now offer live help to customers through multiple platforms, such as phone, email, live chat, or different messaging apps and social media platforms. Strangely, most of these organizations do not understand the term omnichannel support’ how they are harnessing them presently and how they significantly improve customer experiences. However, the few that understand the advantage they have over their contemporaries cannot be overemphasized. For such organizations, improving their multichannel support in general and providing their customers with a better experience takes the front stage. Omnichannel support provides those extra advantages that organizations seeking to offer their customers a better experience need. Not only does it offer advantages to the customers, but it also benefits agents and your organization significantly. Here’s how:

Omni Channel Vs Multi-Channel Customer Support

Multichannel and omnichannel services both include numerous ways for customers to associate with customer service. One key distinction between multichannel is that multichannel conversations are typically independent of each other: while phone interactions are recorded in one system, live chat records live in another system. This makes it an issue when a customer decides to start with a service and resume it over another. With omnichannel service, agents aren’t needed to reference different systems. All interactions are linked to a solitary procedure. This spares the agent time and makes the customer experience lot more seamless. Any future exchange happens after the present interaction is stored and easily accessible in a unified system, making it easier for the agent to access previous engagements whenever a customer tries to get across to your organization.

Seamless, Continuous Conversation Across Platforms

Although customer service rep has a primary objective of settling customer challenges quickly, the reality is often different. Sometimes, the customer may be in a hurry to get to a destination and initiate a call to the customer service to lay a complaint; the customer may make the complaint and end the conversation to continues later. Oftentimes, customers expect to pick up where they left off when they have the time to continue their conversation with the customer service. This feature isn’t often available through other support channels, but with omnichannel service, the customer doesn’t need to begin their complaints repeatedly; the previous conversation is stored in an accessible database. A new agent can quickly access the previous discussion and therefore continue from where the customer left off and help solve their issues.

Single Source of Information

Besides making communications across multiple platforms less complicated and making genuine and persistent customer discussions accessible, another critical advantage of the omnichannel is the union of all customer data in an isolated area. Segmented data doesn’t need constant synchronization or manual methods of accessibility. All service data can be found and investigated from a unified source. Agents do not need to run singular reports from different systems to comprehend singular cases or move service requests across various channels and more.

Take That Action

Adopting an omnichannel strategy disposes of the weaknesses of multichannel service. It offers direct support to the customer and your customer service team: your service representative gets to work all the more productively, and customers get the benefit of a consistent, seamless discussion. CCC is one of such customer service organizations offering top-level omnichannel service. Our interactive platform support includes voice and video services, email, IVR services, social media, chat support, social media mobile apps, instant messaging, and remote support. CCC also make use of various communication tools such as Avaya, Verint, and more.

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