Why cybersecurity at contact centers is important ?

Contact centers frequently handle a lot of customer data and in a short period of time.  In order to assure better business and customer success, they must handle privacy and data protection. Contact centers are searching for innovative, smart solutions to maximize data protection as a result of the increase in remote work that has followed the pandemic, as it is important to maintain relationships with customers and clients. That’s why contact centers need to plan and prepare better for vulnerabilities which can enhance the customers’ confidence when interacting with your business which is the key for outstanding CX.

The need for cyber or data security

With the increase of global connectivity and usage of cloud services, there are greater internal and external risks. Businesses can no longer rely on common cybersecurity solutions like antivirus software and firewalls only. They have to shift their tactics from conventional to more resilient defenses so as to protect the business against cyberattacks and data breaches. Businesses must take all necessary precautions to manage malware that is intended to steal intellectual property or personal information because cyber risks can affect any level of their organization. Regardless the size of your company, whether you are a small or large multinational company, you must rely on cybersecurity to protect your personal data. As cyberattacks get more complex, it is necessary to implement new and intelligent security measures in order to protect customer data.

Here are some of the best security practices

The average cost of a data breach globally in 2021 was $4.24 million. Preventing cyberattacks is the best way to keep this cost down, but strong security systems can be complicated and need experts, which many companies lack. As a result, they fail to implement proper cybersecurity. The goal of contact center security in the past was to guarantee that data was protected on-site, but as workplace standards have changed to accommodate remote work, most companies are using cloud now. The usage of artificial intelligence (AI) can also be used to fight and prevent cyber threats more effectively as these tools allow security teams to respond to threats more quickly and with the least negative impact possible. In addition, there are some other methods that can be applied to ensure that your company is protected.

Adopt a zero-trust model:  Unlike the traditional ‘trust, but verify’ network security method, the zero trust models assume that breaches happen and verify each request no matter its source as though it is coming from an open network. 

Use authentication and authorization: Companies need to be aware of who is accessing their internal network. Only trustworthy connections will be allowed to reach end points when biometrics like multi-factor authorization (MFA), face recognition, fingerprint or iris identification, and other suitable authentication are used.

Empower employees: Employees who are most often the front line of defense, especially in contact centers, need to be educated on various malwares, implement special policies to report suspicious activities, save data breaches and make the company robust.  Teaching employees practices such as protecting customers’ data and protecting the network through safe computer practices will protect your company better.

Bear in the mind the basics: Keep in mind common things that can help the company’s data from being compromised such as password management wherein employees are trained on how to manage and set their passwords perfectly. Another way is to consistently update programs, securities and systems.

Investing in Cybersecurity lowers risks, protects against security lapses, and considerably reduces the danger of data breach. Also, it is a powerful strategy for connecting with clients and customers and establishing relationships based on trust. That’s why call center best practices are important in protecting customer data and it is best for businesses to make it their highest priority.

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